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Saint Helena & Ascension Island District Badge
Ascension Island & Saint Helena "District Badge"

We have a very unusual District Badge that seems to be sorely sought after - this has given us quite a problem in that our own requirements for the badge are very much smaller than the demand overseas. The up front cost, however, of these badges, and air mail postage is considerable.

We have decided, as such should anyone like to have one of our District Badges, could they please send an addressed envelope enclosing 5.00 or $10.00.

Group Name Tape

If you would like our "Group name tape" please send an addressed envelope enclosing 3.00 or $5.00.

Our address is:

1st. Ascension Island Scouts,
Ascension Island,
South Atlantic Ocean.
(air-mail necessary)

Should you be interested at contacting us, you can by mailing to the address above, or E-mail to (Group Scout Leader)


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