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Group Headquarters Building -
"The Scout's Beach Hut"

Scout Group Headquarters
Our Headquarters - The Scout's Beach Hut

This is the Group Scout Headquarter building. It was re-built in 1995 and is known affectionately as "The Scout's Beach Hut".

Due to the heat it is only encosed by two and a half walls which allows the steady tropical breeze to cool the occupants. It has electricity, water, toilets, seat lockers and an ever-popular barbeque.

Dead Mans Beach from the Scout's Beach Hut
The Building overlooks a beautiful beach

The building is located halfway between Georgetown and the American base. The building overlooks Dead Mans Beach, which is an ideal place to play games and go fishing off the rocks.

When we're not using the building, we also allow the island's inhabitants to use the Beach Hut for Private Barbecues & Parties.

Scout's Beach Hut - Interior
Inside the Scout's Beach Hut

This is the inside of the building. We have plaques, trophies, fishing nets and pictures adorning the walls and coloured lights on the ceiling, making our "Beach Hut" very comfortable!


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