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Welcome to 1st Ascension Island Beaver Scouts

Andreas Hello and welcome to the 1st Ascension Beaver Scouts home page.

My name's Andreas. Please click on the picture of me and hear my welcome message. (text version also available).

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Our Beaver Scout group currently has 10 members between the ages of 5 years to 8 years. There are two Beaver Scout Leaders namely Ahmeek and Brown Beaver.

Beaver meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons from 5 pm to 6 pm. Our meetings alternate between indoor activities and outdoors. Indoor meetings being acting, art and discussions. Outdoor activities include swimming, treasure hunts, wide games and the occasional BBQ with campfire and overnight camp. The Beaver group consists of two smaller groups within the pack called the 'Busy Beavers' and the 'Clever Beavers'. These two groups are led by two of the elder Beaver Scouts.

We start each meeting with the Opening Ceremony which includes the 'Tail Slap' At the end of each meeting we close with the Beaver Scout Promise and prayer.

Our uniform is a white T-shirt with our own personal Beaver Scout design. This is worn with blue scarves and maroon woggles. Badges within the group include the World Badge, Scout Group Badge, Beaver Badge and Footprint Badges. The Footprint badges are earned every six months and involve taking part in various activities, such as community work, group discussions and learning new skills.


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