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Foreword by the Group Scout Leader -
Johnny Hobson MBE

Johnny HobsonA warm welcome to the 1st Ascension Island Scout Group Website- it certainly is a warm welcome- the temperature here on our Island averages 28 degrees all year round!

My name is Johnny Hobson, I am the Group Scout Leader and have lived on Ascension Island for 13 years during which time I have been the Island Dentist- in fact it is true to say that I am the best Dentist and our Scout Group is the best Scout Group on the Island, but then again we are the only ones on an island 5 miles x 7 miles with just under 1000 folk living here!

My scouting started back in Northern Ireland with the 6th Belfast before I ended up on Ascension. The Island is a fantastic place for Scouting - the different sections are "out and about" all the time and as you'll see in the pages ahead we have a really smashing bunch of folk in the Group.

We hope you'll find our site of interest, not least of all to our very good friends in the 1st Portstewart Group in Northern Ireland, and we look forward to hearing from some of you "out there"!

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