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Hello and welcome to Ascension Island. On this page we will be communicating with our good Cub Scout friends of Pack 115 located at Covington, Virginia, U.S.A. and with our other good friends of the 2nd Sechelt Cub Scouts located in British Columbia, Canada.

We are currently working towards our World Friendship Badges and what we have to do is shown at the bottom of this page.

Here's what we've been doing recently:

Week Date What we did
1. 24 Nov 99 We went swimming at Two Boats Village Pool
2. 26 Nov 99 We went fishing and had a fish fry at the Scout's Beach Hut
3. 30 Nov 99 We had a really interesting and exciting visit to the Fire Station
4. 5 Dec 99 All the children on the island went to the annual Christingle church service.
5. 8 Dec No meeting due to the Two Boat's School (our only school) Christmas play.
6. 14 Dec The Cubs did a community good turn for our capital town Georgetown (population about 300!).
7. 22 Dec We had our Christmas party
8. 5 Jan We introduce ourselves to you on video
9. 11/15 Jan We had a visit onboard a visiting Cunard Cruise Liner
10. 25 Jan In a few weeks we go camping so we practiced putting up tents.


Cub Scout World Friendship Badge

Choose any THREE from the following list:-

  1. Be a penfriend to a child from another country and write or send tapes to them for at least three months.
  2. Recognise the flags from ten countries in the world, five of which must be from outside the European Community.
  3. Collect at least three coins, stamps and postcards from three different countries in the European Community and then discuss with the examiner what you know about the European Community. You will need to find out, for example: where the Parliament Building is, who is your Member of the European Parliament, which countries are in the European Community, what the flag looks like.
  4. Write a prayer about world peace and friendship and read it at a Pack meeting or your place of worship.
  5. Make a collage, model or chart of the work of the United Nations.
  6. Do something to help another country in need at the moment. Perhaps it could be a country that has had severe floods, famine, disease or an earthquake.
  7. Draw six National Scout Badges from around the world.
  8. Mark a world map to show where all the World Jamborees have been held.

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