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The NASA Site -
Challenger Outward Bound Centre

Below is the ex-NASA tracking station located near "Devils Ashpit". The Americans kindly left the building for the 1st Ascension Island Scout Group when NASA left the island in 1990 (See links at bottom of this page for more history). The building has enough room to sleep 75-80 persons and is used as a weekend centre by the Scout Group.

The NASA Site - Expedition Centre
The Challenger Outward Bound Centre

NASA Site - Front of Building
The Front Door protected by cannons!

As well as staying in the building, we sometimes have cycle
rides to it from Georgetown (a 10 mile ride).

The Main Hall

This large hall is now used as a large games room and also for the occasional disco. This main area was originally used by NASA as the Operations Floor. It was packed with various computers (large main-frame), communications consoles, tracking and data relay consoles, and specific telemetry spacecraft consoles. The bedrooms (not shown) sleep about six to a room).

The Kitchen

This is the kitchen. The large cupboard at the back, with pigeon holes, was used by NASA for the mail, but now makes a good saucepan stand!

This picture is in the entrance way to the building. It was made for a 4th of July celebration parade, whilst the NASA personnel were stationed on the island.

The building's NASA role
by Joseph Cantrell
Photo history
by Harry Turner
Photo history
by Wally Wilkins


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