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UK Scout's parlimentary representative visits Ascension Island

On Tuesday 21 September the Group Scout Leader (Johnny Hobson) and the Cub Scout Leader (Nathan Prince) had the opportunity of meeting the UK Scouting representative to Parliament, Mr Bob Russell MP at The Residency. Mr Russell is the Member of Parliament for Colchester and is a Scouting enthusiast.

Mr Russell took the opportunity of presenting a letter signed by the Chief Scout and several other gifts including some rare Scouting table coasters as well as some House of Parliament mints - Thank You!

Mr Bob Russell MP (Left) and GSL Mr Johnny Hobson MBE

Pictured left is Mr Russell's Colchester Scout "Necker" and woggle. Underneath is his tie representing his parlimentary links with scouting.

During the social meeting, Mr Russell was informed of many of the Scout Group's past and present achievements and was genuinely interested in the 1st Ascension Island Scout group.

Mr Russell has promised to look in on this page on his return to the UK. So we look forward to seeing his entry to the Scout's Internet "Visitor's Book"!



The Scouts have just returned from a 10-day camp up at the Pines, with the Cub Scouts joining the Scouts for the last few days. The theme as you can see was "Cowboys & Indians".

Apaches, Commanaches and Cherokees all had "braves" camping in their wigwams. All the "injuns" kept in their reservations by Johnny, Glen, Crocky & Angela - "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & Calamity Jane! Barry, Patrick, Jason and Geordie were all roped in the posse to keep the "injuns" from revolting, although as you can see quite a lot of them were!
All the braves achieved their Camp Cook badge along with a special "Eagle Order of the Arrow" for which they had to pass 15 backwoods tests such as Archery, building and sleeping in a bivouac hut, abseiling over Blackrock canyon, negotiating the tree-top assault course etc. etc.....
Lots of beans were eaten of course along with "buffalo burgers", coyote curry.......
A really very tight tribe competition based on camping standards left us unable to separate them, as they were all excellent, achieving top marks when visited at their camps by General Custer (The Administrator). A great time was had by all and our thanks to everyone who helped out.
Why not pay a visit to the excellent Ascension Island Scout Group web site and please sign the guest book!! (No Injuns allowed - or I'll shoot ya!).


The Cub Scouts behind bars (where they belong?)

Georgetown residents may have wondered why Police sirens were blaring our last Tuesday evening. Well, this was the Cub Scouts visiting the Police Station!
The Cubs really enjoyed themselves and learnt much about what the Police do for the local community. They were shown the entire collection of specialist police equipment and even the Cub Scout leader was handcuffed and then breathalysed (but passed the test!). The Cubs were later given a brief taste of what it feels like in a police cell. The visit was all part of the 'Community' section of their 'Adventure Award' badge.
The 1st Ascension Island Cub Scouts would like to thank PC Chris Green and WPC Jane Yon for taking the time to talk to the boys and for showing them around. Great fun!

This week we say a sad farewell to Josh Turton - who moves to Scouts, Robert Biggar who moves back to the UK and Graham Giles who also goes to the UK. We wish all three good luck for the future.

Cub Scouts Visit the Residency


On Tuesday 25th May, the Cub Scouts were kindly invited to spend their normal pack meeting night at the Residency.

Whilst there, they performed a small Jungle Book play, as part of their "Adventure Award" badge, for Mr and Mrs Huxley and some of the Residency staff (Winnie and Cheryl). After the very well performed play, Jungle Book stickers (shown right) were given to the spectators.

The Cubs then took advantage of the Residency lawn and, with the help of Mr Huxley, pitched several tents to practice their tent erecting skills prior to their camp next week. The Cub Scouts would like to express their gratitude to Mr & Mrs Huxley for allowing them to aerate the Residency's lawn and allowing the Cubs to relieve them of several rounds of sandwiches, cake and squash! Thank You.


On Wednesday 5th May, Cub Scouts Alex Thomas, Nathan Fowler, Ryan Knipe, Graham Giles and Rico Williams were officially invested in to the 1st Ascension Island Cub Scout Pack and into the world-wide brotherhood of Scouts.

The parents of all the Cubs were invited to the meeting at the Scouts Beach Hut and the evening was very well supported.
Before the investiture ceremony Cub Scout Robert Biggar explained a little about Cub Scouting and after the Investitures the Cubs gave their parents a picture demonstration of some of the things they have enjoyed most about Cub Scouting since joining the Pack.

Benjamin Leo, Tom Burke, & Craig Williams
Cooking Their Tea

Cub Scouts Alex Thomas, Nathan Fowler, Ryan Knipe
Graham Giles & Rico Williams Being Invested.
After the demonstration the Cubs showed off their camp fire cooking skills with a "Sausage Sizzle" and cooked their parents their supper with no harmful side effects reported!

Great fun for the Cubs and their parents!


1st Ascension Island Scout Group
hits the Internet!

* *

The 1st Ascension Island Scout Group has now got its own web site at . This newest addition to the various Ascension web sites, puts over a fairly comprehensive picture of Scouting on Ascension Island and even includes spoken greetings from three of the Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts of the island.

The site went active on Monday and has already generated much interest from Scouting bodies worldwide and will help put Ascension Island firmly on the Scouting map.

Cub Scouts Visit the Maersk Ascension

The Maersk Ascension

On Sunday 7th March, the Cub Scouts were kindly invited to spend the afternoon onboard the Maersk Ascension.

They had a fantastic time and were totally spoilt for the whole afternoon. It was a bumpy ride across to the Maersk on the "Pierhead Pony".

After being winched up, they were welcomed, taken up to the bar and given a soft drink by the very hospitable Captain Neil Lovesy. After a brief recovery from the boat journey, Chief Engineer Mark Taylor showed them around the Engine Room (and other parts) and after this, they discovered that the swimming pool had been filled especially for them.

The Cubs spent a very happy hour in the Maersk's pool which seemed to have a built in wave machine - no expense spared! Then came one of the best bits - FOOD! A fantastic spread of Burgers, Sausages, Chips, Ice Cream and a large pile of sweets/chocolates were laid on for the Cubs, which they enjoyed very much.

Cub Scout Ricco Williams jumps in the "Maersk's" Pool

Could this be the future Captain of the RMS?
Cub Scout Gerwyn George receives some navigational training.
After the food, the Cub Scouts were taken to the Bridge and shown the different pieces of equipment needed to navigate such a large ship. Time flew by and then, unfortunately, it was time to leave.
The Cub Scouts would like to thank all the Officers and Crew of the Maersk Ascension for all the great efforts you made to make the visit so enjoyable and memorable.

Great Fun!

Cubs Robert Biggar, Benjamin Leo and Josh Turton try a turn at the ship's wheel!

Visit the 1st Ascension Island Scout Group web site



The Islander 4th March 1999

Cub Scouts do a Good Deed for Ascension

When Cub Scouts are enrolled into the world-wide brotherhood of Scouts, they promise to do a good deed every day. On Tuesday night the Cubs performed a good deed for the whole island and picked up ten bags of litter between Two Boats Senior Mess and One Boat "Bus stop".

Some of the Cubs show off their "Booty"!


The Islander 18th February 1999

By Scouts Julian Anthony and Daryl Sim

On Saturday 13th February the Scouts and the Cubs went to the Turners Beach Hut, at North East Bay, for a 24 hour camp.
Some of the Scouts enjoying the beach

The Cubs & Scouts show off their litter
collection at Comfortless Cove
After we arrived and had set up we went to Comfortless Cove to pick up litter and have a swim. We had about 20 bags of litter, with things like glass, nails, cans, papers etc. We also had to stack some pallets that were lying on the beach.
Then on to the pool to wash off and to watch Georgetown beat Two Boats. When the game was over we went back to cook dinner and get ready for the wide game and turtle watching.
Adam , Shaun , Steve and Shaun enjoying their food!

The Scouts and Cubs measuring the Turtles at North East Bay

A few hours later we went down to the beach to do some turtle watching, we found out that two of the turtles we measured were roughly at a length of 1.13cm, we also found a turtle at the length of 1.26cm (the biggest turtle Brendan had ever seen).

Most of the turles had five plates going across the middle of the shell, and four on each side.

All of the turles had over 150-200 eggs.

Notice to all of the Island - The Beaches are a lovely part of the Island, we the Scouts and Cubs would like you to think twice before littering. If you are caught littering you will have to answer to us or the Police. Obviously we the Scouts feel very strongly about clearing up your litter.

We collected 20 bags of litter from Comfortless Cove - think what rubbish there must be at other beauty spots on the Island.

Take your litter home and keep Ascension clean.

Karl Yon and Ashley Clingham Clearing Litter

1st Ascension Scouts at the Fumaroles

The Fumeroles - On Sunday morning the Scouts went down to the fumaroles next to the Catholic Grotto and the Cubs led by PL Jason Thomas to a not so dangerous fumarole. All the Scouts were equipped with hard hats. To get into the fumaroles the Scouts had to climb down over two ledges before getting to the bottom. On the bottom we had to slide under a rock which was about one foot from the ground, we did a silly thing and let Brendan go in last!

When we got to the end of the cave Johnny told us a ghost story which scared the living daylights out of Geordi(Gordon).

Thank you to Johnny, Crocky, Brendan, Nathan and Jim for all your help and assistance, from the Cubs and Scouts.
It's dark down here!

The Islander 12th November 1998

Ascension Island Scouts 25th Year Anniversary

On Sunday 1st November the 1st Ascension Island Scout group celebrated 25 years of Scouting on Ascension Island. All Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts past and present, young and old, along with proud parents and friends assembled en-masse at the Scouts Beach Hut. The evening began with a brief welcome from the group Scout leader, Johnny Hobson who has been leading the Scouts for more years than he probably cares to remember! (He fondly recalled memories of many of the older looking adult ex-Scouts who were present!).

The Ascension Island Beaver Colony
After Johnny's welcome, the present Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, all standing smartly in their groups, began their individual routines. The Beavers began with their "Grand Howl" and a badge presentation.
Next were the Cub Scouts, who have only just recently re-started after quite a long break. All of the Cubs said their Cub Scout promise and were officially invested and welcomed into the "Worldwide brotherhood of Scouts"

The Cub Scouts being enrolled

Adam , William and Gerwyn saying their Cub Scout Promise

The Scouts being invested

Next came the Scouts who took the opportunity to invest several new Scouts into the movement as well as promote new Patrol Leaders.

After the formal bits Johnny read out several congratulatory telegrams from around the world, including one from the Chief Scout at Baden-Powell house London. Following on from this were presentation "Scout, Thank you badges" which were presented to Mr Graham Avis (Who leaves Ascension shortly) by Scout Steve Thomas and another "Thank you badge" to Corbett Williams (who is about to retire) which was presented to him by his Cub Scout Grandson, Michael Williams. These badges were in recognition of the help given to the Scout Group by these two generous people.
Graham Avis & Corbett Williams receive Scout "Thank You Badges".
Johnny, resplendent in his Irish Kilt once again addressed those present and to the shock of everyone whipped his Kilt off to show them what a good red-blooded Irish man wears under their kilt!


The evening continued with a speech by the St. Helena Scout Leader, Mr Terry Richards and after this the celebrations started with a Fish Fry and some interesting Turtle Racing (not real Turtles!) where Parents, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers. Leaders and anyone else joined in the games. Great fun!
The Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Leaders of the 1st Ascension Scout Group.

Here's to the next 25 years!

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