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Devils Cauldron

Here our lightweight hike tents are pitched down inside the crater of the volcano "Devil`s Cauldron" with Julian, Jason, Daryl and Deon standing on the rim of the crater.

We are lucky enough to have our own Campsite called, funnily enough, 'The Scouts Campsite' which is located 2000 feet around the back of the main mountain on the Island and this mountain is called 'Green Mountain' which stands at a height of 2817 feet.

Aerial Runway

Above is Deon on our Ariel Runway with the campsite in the background. Although we have the 'Scouts camp site', we camp all over the Island.


Above are Karl, Olley and Shaun. They have made their bivouac for the night further up the mountain..

Cooking Breakfast

Here's Julian cooking breakfast on the trangias during an overnight incident hike.

Camping on the gun of HMS Hood

We have regular 'Krazy Kamp Kompetitions' where the scouts have to camp overnight in pairs in the most unusual places. Above are Mario and Steve who have pitched their tent on top of one of the old defensive guns on the hillside above our capital, Georgetown. This gun, one of two, was taken from the famous British Battleship, HMS Hood during a refit in 1934, 7 years before she was sunk by the German Battleship, the Bismark.

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