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Our Island is fantastic for walking and exploring. We have 44 volcanoes and at many of their tops we have a "Letterbox". In total there are 20 "Letterboxes" on the Island at many of the viewpoints. The original idea of a "Letterbox" on an island was for the old sailing ships on long outward journeys to leave mail for those returning home. For us they are just a way of exploring all the Island - each letterbox has a rubber ink stamp to mark your walking book with.

Top of Lady Hill
Troop on top of Lady Hill Volcano Letterbox
with our mascot - "Paddy" the Dog


Mud Fight

At the top of Green Mountain there is a Letterbox at the Dew Pond. At a height of 2817 feet, this is the top of the Island, it`s covered in 30 feet high bamboos and is very muddy as you can see from us after our mudfight!

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