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1st Ascension Island Scout Group


As we are a British Group, we wear the same badges as any other British Group and similarly, we have our own County and District badges.

British Groups Abroad Badge

This is our "Scout County Badge". There are about 50 Scout Groups in over 20 countries which belong to the Scout County "British Groups Abroad (BGA)" and all the Groups in the BGA wear this badge. A list of all the Groups in the BGA county can be found on the ScoutBase web site.

Saint Helena & Ascension Island District Badge

This is our "District Badge" and is worn by all Venture Scouts, Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beaver Scouts on St.Helena and Ascension Island. This badge can be purchased from the Group Scout Leader (Please see our purchasing information page).

Group Name Tape

This is our "Group name tape" and is worn by the whole Group on the right shoulder above the County and District Badges. This "name tape" can be purchased from the Group Scout Leader (Please see our purchasing information page)



Because we are the only Scout Group on Ascension Island, we don't have a "Group Scarf", but wear different colours depending whether we're a Leader, Scout, Cub Scout or Beaver Scout.

All our leaders wear a scarf which incorporates all the colours in the scarves of the different sections of the 1st Ascension Island Scout Group.

The Leader's Scarf


This is Deon wearing his Scout Uniform. The Scout Uniforms are purchased from the Scout Shop in Cape Town, South Africa. This is because the normal UK uniform would be too hot to wear here in the tropics. The Scouts also have a beret.

The Scout Scarf


This is Josh wearing his Cub Scout Uniform. The Cub Scout's uniform is from South Africa, as the U.K. Cub sweater would be far too hot in this climate. The Cub Scouts wear caps which has a badge of the South African Scout Association. although they have no affiliation with them (apart from being in the world-wide brotherhood of Scouts).

The Badge of the South African
Scout Association

The Cub Scout Scarf


This is Andreas wearing his Beaver Scout uniform.

The T-Shirt is purchased locally and as with Beaver Scouts in the U.K. no uniform trousers are provided.

The Beaver Scout Scarf


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